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[gap size=”-75px”]Afghan women are the most oppressed and humiliated women of the world. Thanks to God for the intervention of developed nations, women’s rights are increasing in Afghanistan’s larger cities. But religious extremists maintain strongholds, inflicting physical and mental oppression. The majority of Afghan women are still struggling to achieve the most basics of human rights. The murderous stories are unbelievable.

For eight years we have been supporting an underground Christian (for his safety, let’s call him Gabriel). Gabriele is battling female oppression in the most remote regions of Afghanistan with literacy centers. Five years ago the extremists shot and killed Gabriel’s brother, yet Gabriel tarries on. There are now 21 centers educating young girls and women, where hundreds have learned to read and write. We also help fund three tailoring centers so they can apply their learning to a self-supporting business.

THIS MEANS WAR … Truly this is a Spiritual war, one of our toughest battles. We have sent a couple
medical teams in years past … but now the danger is too great … so we send Gabriel all the financial
support we can. Gabriele recently sent this symbolic thank you … for the many lives God has given us
the privilege to touch … ”I am sure those who are donating for literacy learning schools are the
same as those who are donating their eyes for blinds. I believe the rewards of the donors who are
donating for literacy learning schools are more than who are donating their eyes after died for blinds.” -Gabriele

  • $30 supports one literacy student for a year
  • $1200 pays a sewing teacher’s annual salary
  • $1500 purchases a year’s supply of tailoring materials (there are 3 tailoring centers)
  • $3500 covers a literacy center expenses for a year (there are 21 literacy centers)



CERT exists to serve people in dire need of health care. We GO where there is little if any help available, which often takes us into extremely remote locations.

By ministering to physical needs, doors are opened for our teams to minister to spiritual needs thus fulfilling the Great Commission, “…Go and make disciples of all nations…”– Matthew 28: 19-20

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