Please direct any questions to our office at (931) 707-9328


We can help you set up continuous giving on a planned time or date for your donation. Call the office and start giving today. Tax receipts will be mailed to your address on file.

ESTATE Planning

All or a portion of your estate and property can be designated as a gift to CERT International. If you’re thinking about the future and this is a possible option for you, please contact your CPA, Attorney or Tax Advisor for assistance. We use Edward Jones Investments, but you are free to select anyone you choose. Call our office to receive a guide to charitable giving. We can put you in touch with our Edward Jones Advisor.


Is your organization, corporation or company interested in contributing towards an Endowment to help fund a charitable cause. An endowment might be the right choice. Individuals and organizations can contribute to a fund that is handled by the Board of Directors, and a portion of the investment’s income is distributed while maintaining the original endowment value. As the endowment grows, the interest and dividends are directed to the organization.

CORPORATE Sponsorship

CERT International has set aside funding to help college students in the medical, dental or related fields go on mission. This money is used to defer some or all the cost for students volunteering on a CERT medical mission trip. This is a great place for a medical/dental organization, college or university to donate.