Lonely Magazine calls Manu Park the most bio diverse piece of property in the world. By “divine” invitation, CERT is the only medical organization outside of the Peruvian government allowed to medically treat Manu’s indigenous, Machiguenga natives. For 15 years we have been serving in this ends of the earth; Peru’s Amazon. We transported the first Bibles translated in their language … the cultural differences are most challenging … but God promises victory … we press on!


Boca Manu is a river village located just outside Manu Park Reserve. A number of Manu Park children attend school in Boca Manu. It is also the closest “trading post” for the Machiguenga. Boats or foot trails are the only modes of transportation here. In partnership with Peruvian nationals, we planted and support a native church in this strategic village. Having served in this Madre de Dios river valley for 24 years, it’s people and jungle are indescribable … COME / GO / SERVE / WITNESS … what God is doing in this corner of the world!

  • $100 provides fuel and boat maintenance to evangelize and disciple neighboring villages for a month
  • $50 provides food and supplies for a weekly children’s programs
  • $300 provides pastor support and teaching materials for three months


Serving in Peru’s Andes Mountains over two decades, one of our strongest partnerships has been helping to start and maintaining THE ONLY CHRISTIAN SCHOOL, in the Anchausi region. A community health post and school playgrounds have since been added. In a land where animistic beliefs govern, Christian teachers are showing 200 plus students The Way, the Truth and the LIFE.

This school no longer requires our financial support as the Peruvian government has taken responsibility of these needs.


Having served in Romania more than 30 years, CERT has seen much change. However the Roma Gypsies are still an outcast, making it very difficult for them to climb out of poverty. So we go care for the least of these. For fifteen years we have channeled financial support to 30 plus Romanian pastors so they can better provide for their families and shepherd their flocks.

  • $75 / month / pastor (30 pastors)
  • $900 supports one pastor for a year


Most gypsies earn their living farming with their hands. In the harsh Romania winters, there is no farming, a time when most struggle to feed their families. We have helped Romanian Pastors construct bread baking ovens in five church plants. During the harsh winter months the bread baked in these ovens feed the hungry gypsies. Love has a name, “The Bread of Life.”

  • $100 buys bread baking supplies for one oven / week
  • $500 buys bread baking supplies for all five ovens for one week
  • $2000 provides the Bread of Life to hundreds for one month
  • $10000 provides bread for five Roma villages for an entire winter


A new work in Jamaica’s Trelawny Parish! Our national partner recently purchased an old pig farm, his vision; “farm the land and feed the people.” CERT helps channel finances for vegetable seeds and baby chickens. Volunteers farm the land, raise the chickens, harvest the bounty and feed the needy. Once or twice a month “all” come together for a community meal … where Jesus is proclaimed … Lord and provider.


In Romania, chickens are being raised and distributed to the poor in the name of Jesus. Providing laying chickens is a two-fold ministry. Eggs sold (1) provide income and eggs eaten (2) provide an excellent source of protein. Give a man a chicken you feed him for a day … teach him how to raise chickens you feed generations!

$350 purchases 20 laying chickens, two months’ worth of chicken feed, one chicken coop, delivery, training and help setting up


Two years ago we started hosting clinics in the remote mountains of Peru’s Quispicanchi Province. In conjunction with our clinics, this work is already multiplying. Our Peruvian national partner; a mighty man of God, Pastor Inocencio has been ministering to these remote people with caring Peruvian doctors. Home visits are part of this outreach as many homes are only accessible by foot, because there are no roads. The doctors and the patients experience and hear the Good News of Jesus Christ as Inocencio and his helpers proclaim the Gospel to all along the way. We send $700 per month to purchase pharmaceuticals and supplies to keep this ministry going. More is always needed.