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Since 1974 Christian Emergency Relief Teams (CERT) International has been reaching out in the name of Christ to minister to the sick, destitute, and forgotten of this world. I have been privileged to be a part of the ministry of CERT since August 1, 1988 and president and executive director since 1991, after having been a pastor for twenty-three years.

The ministry of CERT is “Christianity in action”. I have seen lives forever changed both physically and spiritually. I have seen the hopeless given new hope. I have seen smiles cross the faces of the forgotten when they realized that someone loved and cared about them.

Dr. Ken Daugherty – Executive Director I have seen the sick and dying given a new lease on life through the dedicated services of volunteer medical and dental professionals.

I have also seen the lives of volunteer CERT Team members changed as they have ministered to those less fortunate. One prominent physician wept as we were preparing to leave a little island in the Philippines . He said, “Ken, this has been the greatest experience of my life. For the first time in my life I feel I have really given of myself to help someone else.”

Other volunteers have said, “My life will never be the same,” or “We are so blessed in America .” A short-term mission can change your life. Indeed, we are the most blessed people on earth. And I believe that God has blessed us so that we might be a blessing to others.

I invite you to become a member of our CERT family. This is not my ministry. This is the Lord’s work. This is your ministry. CERT is simply a channel through which you can reach out and minister to those in need.

Prayerfully consider going on a CERT mission as a volunteer. We have had vocations ranging from congressmen to blacksmiths on our teams…physicians, dentists, nurses, teachers and people with a servant’s heart.

Your prayers are vital to the ministry of CERT. Become a prayer warrior and spokesman for CERT. Share with others your ministry through CERT.

We need your financial support. My commitment to you is to be the best steward that God will enable me to be with the funds that you entrust to us. Currently, our administrative and fundraising expenses represent only 1.9 % of our gross receipts. Your contributions are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.

Our ability to reach out and touch more lives is limited only by our lack of resources. I hasten to say, however, that we do not ask people to take their tithes and offerings from their local church to support the ministry of CERT. As God blesses you and you can afford to give, then I am deeply grateful.

Share your prayer requests with us. We do pray for the requests that are sent. I pray that God will guard our hearts that we will never for a moment rob Him of His glory. I consider us here at CERT simply servants… yours and the Lord’s.

And finally, I invite you to come and visit us when you are in our area. I would count it a privilege to meet you personally. We are not a large organization, but an organization with a large vision and our goal is to bring honor and glory to our Lord.

I pray that God will bless you abundantly and impress upon your heart to become part of the CERT family. Please visit our web site to find a place and get involved.


CERT exists to serve people in dire need of health care. We GO where there is little if any help available, which often takes us into extremely remote locations.

By ministering to physical needs, doors are opened for our teams to minister to spiritual needs thus fulfilling the Great Commission, “…Go and make disciples of all nations…”– Matthew 28: 19-20

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