There are many people in remote corners of the world desperate to know… someONE cares. There are millions without access to basic health care and have never heard the Truth of Jesus.

Since 1974 CERT has connected the willing to the lost and suffering. Our ministry model follows the Life of Jesus… we too touch the physical needs and preach the Gospel. We are simply a way for you to pour your gifts back out to God… into the lives of the poor and needy.

As a CERT volunteer, you will experience “life-saving” ministry first-hand as you care for and love on “the least of these.” Doctors, PA’s, nurses, dentists, hygienists, medical and dental professionals of all types are needed.

Non-medical participants are also greatly needed… to help in the areas of triage, pharmacy, spiritual pharmacy and many other ways. All you have to do is say yes… and we’ll help you with the rest!

WANNA GO? Have some questions? Call us at 1-888-299-8502. We want to help you answer the call and experience the life giving journey of a short term mission trip.


Fill out TRIP APPLICATION FORM. Mail it with an enlarged color copy of the photo page of your passport to CERT International, PO Box 763, Crossville TN 38557. If you do not have a passport we can help you get started with that too.

Team Application Form

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Post Mission Trip Evaluation Form

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Option 1: This the fastest way for your form to make it to us.

  • Download form
  • Open form on your computer
  • Fill out form
  • save form
  • email form as an attachment to Cert International

Option 2: Using USPS to send us form

  • Fill out this form online
  • Print form out
  • Mail form to Cert International, P.O Box 763, Crossville, TN 38557


  • All food, medicine, and other material assistance shall be given only by an officially recognized CERT MEMBERS, or by a village leader as authorized by a CERT staff member.*
  • CERT Team Members must refrain from making promises to provide any material assistance.*
  • CERT Team Members are permitted to purchase handmade items from refugees or village people only upon approval of the CERT Team Leader.*
  • Requests for personal items (i.e., pocket knives, clothing, boots, flashlights, etc.) from CERT Team Members on an individual basis must check with the CERT Team Leader prior to making any commitments.*
  • Team members are responsible for carrying and protecting their own packs. Travel light, you will be glad you did.  Keep personal possession of your bags. Do no place that burden or responsibility on a teammate.*
  • *These are for your & CERT’s protection. We must be consistent and follow proper protocols.
  • All CERT Team Members are expected to refrain from all use of and any form of alcohol or tobacco while on the mission field.