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Lonely Magazine calls Manu Park the most bio diverse piece of property left in the world. By invitation, CERT is the only medical organization outside of the Peruvian government allowed to medically treat Manu’s indigenous, the largest group being Machiguenga Indians. For 10 years… READ MORE


Boca Manu is a river village located just on the outer boundaries of Manu Park Reserve. A number of Manu Park children attend school in Boca Manu. It is also the closest “trading post” for the Machiguenga. Boats or foot trails are the only modes of transportation here. In partnership with Peruvian nationals, we planted and support a native church in this strategic village. … READ MORE


Serving in Peru’s Andes Mountains over two decades, one of our strongest partnerships has been helping to start and maintaining THE ONLY CHRISTIAN SCHOOL, in the Anchausi region. A community health post and school playground have since been added. In a land where animistic beliefs govern… READ MORE


Having served in Romania more than 30 years, we have seen much change. However the Roma Gypsies are still an outcast, making it very difficult for them to climb out of poverty. So we go / care for the least of these. Over the last decade… READ MORE


Most gypsies earn their living farming with their hands. In the harsh Romania winters, there is no farming, a time when most struggle to feed their families. In the last eight years we have helped one Romanian pastor construct bread baking ovens in five church plants. During the harsh winter months the bread baked in these ovens feed the hungry gypsies. Love has a name, “The Bread of Life.”… READ MORE


In Romania the public schools are free but parents have to pay for supplies and books; otherwise, the children aren’t accepted. Carrying the Roma stigma, immersed in cultural poverty, most accept this as their place in society and simply put their children to work. … READ MORE


Afghan women are the most oppressed and humiliated women of the world. Thanks to God for the intervention of developed nations, women’s rights are increasing in Afghanistan’s larger cities. But religious extremists maintain strongholds, inflicting physical and mental oppression. The majority of Afghan women are still struggling to achieve the most basics of human rights. The murderous stories are unbelievable… READ MORE


Dr. Fred and wife Cindi Mendoza are American missionaries in Kenya, Africa. Fred uses his dental gifts to serve Kenya and neighboring nations. Cindi manages two different children homes, one in Nairoibi another in Kerugoya, caring for and educating 100 plus abused, abandoned and neglected children. It’s called Cindi’s Hope. Most of the children’s stories are horrific … here’s one:JAMILA came to Cindi’s Hope after witnessing her father kill her mother with an axe… READ MORE


Bud and Laura Lenz left Texas 15 years ago to start church plants in Peru. Five years later they uncovered their true calling; being mama and papa to abandoned, orphaned and abused children, giving them a second chance to grow up in an atmosphere filled with unconditional love, compassion and acceptance – a refuge. They have “a home” in the jungle and the mountains…We have partnered with the Lenz’ many times over the last 15 years. They, their nine biological children and many of their “adopted Peruvian children” have served with many of our medical teams in the jungles and mountains of Peru. Below is only one of the many life changing stories where God has used them: … READ MORE