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Choosing CERT International as you non-profit  organization when you make purchases through Amazon enables you to become an active part of “Saving Lives & Healing Hearts

  • All food, medicine, and other material assistance shall be given ONLY by an officially recognized CERT MEMBERS, or by a village leader as authorized by a CERT staff member.

  • No food, medicine, or other material assistance shall be turned over to any other organization, except with written authorization of the Executive Director of CERT.

  • Preference shall be given to those who are not already receiving assistance from the United Nations, religious groups, or any other organization.

  • CERT Team Members must refrain from making promises to provide any material assistance.

  • No CERT Team “TRIP MONEY” shall be spent for non-essential items without approval of the majority of the CERT Team Members.

  • CERT Team Members are permitted to purchase handmade items from refugees or village people only upon approval of the CERT Team Leader.

  • This is for your own protection. You can be taken advantage of if not very careful.

  • Requests for personal items (i.e., pocket knives, clothing, boots, flashlights, etc.) from CERT Team Members on an individual basis must check with the CERT Team Leader prior to making any commitments.

  • All CERT Team Members are expected to refrain from all use of any form of alcohol or tobacco while on the mission field.

  • Team members must always be responsible for carrying and caring for their own packs. Travel light, you will be glad you did. DO NOT ASK SOMEONE TO “WATCH YOUR GEAR”. Keep personal possession of your own gear. Do no place that burden of responsibility on a teammate.