Born a fisherman ><> transformed into a fisher-of-men…

Born and raised in the hills of North Georgia, at the age of six, Bruce’s granddaddy introduced him to fishin at “the old home place” in the Virginia Mountains. First, going up in the hollers to catch spring lizards; ask any fisherman, live bait is the best bait. Many a creek fish hit the frying pan in Virginia, lured by lively, irresistible spring lizards. Bruce was hooked … fishin DNA?

Bruce’s granddaddy also introduced him to the game of golf. He began playing at the age of seven. Golf and fishin ><> outdoor adventures in majestic cathedrals, building Bruce for “the more” to come. Bruce attended Mississippi State University, earning his Bachelors in Marketing & Business Administration, Cum Laude.

For 15 years a PGA golf professional, Bruce still loves to teach and pioneered professional club fitting in North Carolina and Tennessee. Golf’s lesson tee is where God first moved Bruce to witness. Along the way, Bruce volunteered with CERT on two foreign missions. On the second trip, as Bruce led evangelism in Romania clinics, the Lord whispered for Bruce to “hang up his sticks” and walk away from golf.

Once again, hooked ><> fisher-of-men DNA? The rest is history… since 2004, as Development Director for CERT International; Bruce has been organizing and leading Medical Missions to impoverished peoples world-wide, and preaching the Gospel.

Bruce’s MO ><> “keep bringing people to Jesus and He will do the rest.” (John 1:42) What a beautiful journey! Looking back, that lizard catchin, creek fishin lil boy … transformed … “live bait” for Jesus. Made this way!