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[gap size=”-75px”]Boca Manu is a river village located just on the outer boundaries of Manu Park Reserve. A number of Manu Park children attend school in Boca Manu. It is also the closest “trading post” for the Machiguenga. Boats or foot trails are the only modes of transportation here. In partnership with Peruvian nationals, we planted and support a native church in this strategic village. Having served in this Madre de Dios river valley for twenty years, it’s people and jungle are indescribable … COME / GO / SERVE / WITNESS … what God is doing in this corner of the world!

  • Fuel and boat maintenance to evangelize and disciple neighboring villages
  • Food and supplies for weekly children’s programs
  • Pastor support and teaching materials


CERT exists to serve people in dire need of health care. We GO where there is little if any help available, which often takes us into extremely remote locations.

By ministering to physical needs, doors are opened for our teams to minister to spiritual needs thus fulfilling the Great Commission, “…Go and make disciples of all nations…”– Matthew 28: 19-20

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