CERT (Christian Emergency Relief Teams) International is A 501(c)3 Christian non-profit. Our foundation is organizing and leading short-term medical mission teams. Our ministry model follows the Life of Jesus. We “go” to care for the physical needs and preach the Gospel.


Provide physical and spiritual care to the poor and suffering with the love of Jesus.

  • Organize and lead medical mission teams
  • Provide compassionate medical and dental services to the world’s poor and suffering
  • Distribute food, clothing, medicines, and Christian literature
  • Assist in church planting, growth and development
SINCE 1974

… we have served in 41 different countries


As a serve and assist organization, we come-along-side Christian nationals who are already doing good works in their communities to support them and preach the Gospel. This model has forged some strong partnerships, providing opportunities to establish and help finance life sustaining programs for the needy.  Learn more…

OUR PURPOSE ><> Bring all to Jesus … JOHN 1:42

CERT has been “Saving Lives and Healing Hearts with the love of Jesus Christ since 1974.”

CERT exists to serve people in dire need of health care. We GO where there is little if any help available, which often takes us into extremely remote locations.

By ministering to physical needs, doors are opened for our teams to minister to spiritual needs thus fulfilling the Great Commission, “…Go and make disciples of all nations…”– Matthew 28: 19-20

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Jesus said: ”…but I have come that they may have life and have it abundantly.” John 10:10

Come … experience abundant life; caring for the needy and helping others find THE GIFT OF LIFE. Mark 8:35


Our ministry model follows the Life of Jesus. “We Go to touch the physical needs, preach the Gospel and make disciples. In this world, “people don’t care how much you know until they first know how much you care.” The Love of Christ is the greater need.


“At the first point of contact with patients – the triage desk, not only are the physical needs addressed, but each patient is also asked, “What their deepest hurt or greatest prayer need is.”

This greater need is written on their patient form. All team members see this, providing the Holy Spirit opportunity to point them to Jesus. Often we find the engaging team members have traveled a similar road and share kindred Spirits. If the providers or pharmacy are not led to engage a patient, we also have a prayer station set up so no one is missed, via The Spiritual Pharmacy.

We are continually amazed at the number of patients who “saw the doctor, saw the dentist, and got their meds” … then sat patiently, waiting to be prayed with. When strangers come from afar … LOVE gets their attention!